My project for the Google Summer of Code 2008 has been accepted!

The aim of this project is to integrate the MoinMoin wiki syntax into Crunchy.

Crunchy is a tool to help learning python by adding in a tutorial useful stuff like a python interpreter or a cool text editor. Currently, tutorial are written in XHTML. My project is to allow Crunchy to use a tutorial written with a wiki syntax - the MoinMoin wiki syntax, because we are in the python world. The big advantage of this is to allow collaborative work on tutorials through a MoinMoin wiki.

You can read the abstract of my project and the complete project.

I'll follow the development of my project here. If you want to read only SoC-related stuff, you can use the tag SoC2008, and its syndication feed.

And thanks to André Roberge (my mentor) and Johannes Woolard for their trust in our projects, the one of Tao Fei (the other student working on Crunchy) and mine!